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     Smart tag
Gets your dog back home in a hurry!

If only your dog could talk, he would tell anyone who finds him what the Smart tag will tell you.

We know, when your dog or cat gets lost it feels like the end of the world. Most of the times we rely on the medical chips, posts on the social media or banners on the streets to get our pet back home and safe.

Marpet Pets HMO makes the change!

When you attach a phone to a smart tag the owner will get a message with the location of his pet, the one that finds the pet would be able to contact the owners of the pet with just a press of a button. That way your lovely pet will get back in a hurry and all just for a one time payment of 50 NIS.

For purchase.

What will the tag offer?

Pays off

The payment is a one time payment with no usage cost. You can always update the tag info and the delivery is FREE to all parts of the country.

Small light and durable.

connects to every collar, light weighted, water resistant and no radiation.

GPS location

when attaching a phone to a smart tag you will get the current location of your pet.

Pet owner's info

The pet finder will be able to contact you with just a press of a button and inform you that the pet has been found.

Always works

NO range limit, no battery nor recharge. works on all android phones.

Medical record.

Shows you the pet's Vaccines portfolio, chip number and crucial medical info that's important to know about the pet.

How does it work?


Order the tag here or from the chosen shops- free delivery from the site.


After getting the tag you update your info and the pet's info.


In case the pet is lost, everyone who finds the pet will be able to scan the tag, get the crucial medical info, contact and inform you of its location immediately.

*The GPS location works only when the location service is turned on in your phone.
*The scan works when the NFC is not blocked on your phone (enabled by default).